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The Prison Within Me

Growing up in poverty, Nderim* turned to drugs and alcohol to make a living. Read about how Nderim found love and promise in Jesus.

“I grew up in a home which identified with Islamic beliefs, although my family were not practicing Muslims. My name is Nderim, I am 30 years old and live in an impoverished village in Albania. I grew up believing God exists, but never heard of Jesus.

Growing up poor was too much for me to bear. It was easier to get what I wanted by being involved with friends who did bad things. I started drinking, consuming and dealing in drugs. My life at the time, was in a downward spiral. I would often get high on drugs and physically attack people, even my own parents. My life was out of control.

“I was arrested for dealing drugs and imprisoned,” Nderim continues. “I became depressed while in prison and even after being released, I still felt like a prisoner within myself. One day I heard music playing in the square near my house. Upon investigating, a young boy approached me and started speaking about the love of Jesus Christ. It was an event organised by a church in partnership with the Bible League Albania. He then invited me to attend church and I remember thinking, ‘could someone really have so much love to give?’ I was intrigued enough to accept the invitation.

I was however not prepared for what happened to me that Sunday. The pastor shared a message of love and hope in Jesus Christ. The warmth I felt inside hearing this, was indescribable. I heard about the Project Philip classes at the church and decided to join. I thought nobody loved me, but soon learned through God’s Word that not only does Jesus love me, He also gave His life for me. His love, His sacrifice set me free and changed my life forever,” says Nderim.

Your gift today can free many people like Nderim and bring hope back into their lives.

Pray for those in Albania suffering depression, that they find hope in Jesus.

* name changed for security reasons

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