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The Gospel Gives Peace

Serob says this hopelessness caused him to lose faith in God, and he enlisted in the army. “Like every Armenian guy, I was very proud to protect my homeland and I joined the Army.”

Now married with children, he says the realities of war deepened his disillusionment. “I saw so many dangers when I was in the Army. I felt empty inside,” he says. Serob’s mother-in-law became a believer, and tried to talk to him about God. “I did not believe a word she said. I was still very angry with God,” he says.

One day, Serob’s wife wanted to invite people over for a Project Philip Bible study. “I got angry and told her no,” Serob remembers. “But I felt guilty and relented. I told her they could host these meetings, but I added that I would never be present during their Christian meetings.”

For weeks, the group would come over, and Serob retreated to his room. “I avoided meeting the believers, but I listened to everything they said. I started to like the Bible study lessons.” He started to find reasons to be home on meeting days. “I decided to be present in the meeting. It was quite a step, but I did it.” Once Serob began to study the Word of God, he became a faithful member of the group. “I was baptised over the summer,” he beams.

Encourage believers in Armenia today by planting Bibles and biblical resources.

Pray that those who attend the Project Philip classes will become faithful witnesses for Jesus.

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