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A teacher says: “Thank you for providing a great eye-opener”

Donald, a 38-year-old teacher in Zimbabwe, was raised in a Christian home yet had very little understanding of the Bible and its importance.

“I was not equipped with the Word of God and I didn’t even have my own Bible,” he says.

Zimbabwe students holding BiblesOne day, a team from Bible League International in Zimbabwe visited Donald’s school and he began to take part in regular Project Philip Bible study lessons.

“I was excited to participate in the Project Philip Bible studies,” Donald says. “Through the program I have learned to read my Bible, something I never considered seriously as I was used to hearing the Bible being read in church.”

After completing these, Donald put his hand up to be trained as a Philip, enabling him to teach the Word of God to his high school students. Donald has watched his students and his own three children flourish through the Project Philip Bible study lessons.

“The students who attend my lessons are very excited about this program,” he says.

“The resources are so profound and easy to understand; their resources carry life-changing lessons. Also, some students’ English language has improved.”

The Project Philip Bible study has done more than help Donald teach the Word of God; it has also helped him draw closer to God in his own life.

“By studying and teaching the booklets at the same time, my Christian life has improved,” he says. “My understanding and appreciation for the Word of God has changed. Through the Project Philip Bible studies, I learned I should pray without ceasing, and I can now quote Scriptures without even opening the Bible.”

Donald has begun teaching Sunday School at his church and looks forward to teaching youth in years to come.

“Thank you, Bible League, for providing resources which are inspiring and a great eye-opener.”

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Prayer: Pray for Donald to continue seeing more students lives transformed as they read and understand God’s Word.

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