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Teach a child to read and write using Bible-based Literacy

Nepal is a nation still trying to pick up the pieces following a devastating earthquake which struck in 2015 near the capital city, Kathmandu. Families, communities and Churches were left shattered and in ruin. Add to this the fact that Christians are persecuted daily in a country where Hinduism has taken hold of most of the population. Young women and girls are trafficked each and every day from Nepal into the sex-trade in India. And still, more desperate cries come from the streets, where many young, illiterate children sniff glue in an effort to find a short-lived “high” in an attempt to escape from their own shocking reality.

“Education and economic growth transform a nation, but real and lasting transformation comes through the Word of God,” says pastor Krish*, Bible League’s partner in Nepal. “In the midst of persecution, we continue to witness for Jesus because we know our God transforms individuals, families, societies and nations. I believe that the power of Christian literature is a major factor in bringing many children into a relationship with Jesus.”

Dhriti* is one such child who grew up feeling academically inadequate and fearful. “My parents were not very encouraging of me going to school,” Dhriti recalls. “I suffered with depression and was unable to make friends. Fear was something that kept me from growing spiritually.  One day I decided to go to church after accepting an invitation from the local pastor. During the service he announced that Bible-based literacy classes was going to be held in English. I immediately registered because I wanted to read and write in English and learn about the Word of God. Learning the Bible in English has boosted my self-confidence and I want to thank my pastor and Bible League for helping me to read, write and draw closer to Jesus.”

You can give the spiritually starved and persecuted children of Nepal access to Bible-based literacy training today.

*names changed for security reasons


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