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Sharing the Gospel with murderers and drug dealers

Teuku* lives in a region of Indonesia where Christian persecution is a very real threat. Last year, three churches were bombed by Islamic extremists, killing 18 believers. Yet, Teuku does not give into fear. He has only become more zealous to reach some of Indonesia’s most dangerous people with the Gospel message.

“I believe God called me to serve those behind bars,” Teuku says. “Life in prison is tough. It is one of the most dangerous and violent places. The prisons I’ve visited have housed all kinds of hardcore criminals, mostly murderers and drug peddlers. The prisoners that are sentenced to life, spend almost 22 hours locked up in their cells. They sleep and eat next to their toilets.”

Teuku works with one of Bible League’s partners. The organisation provides support to the most needy and marginalised people in Indonesia, regardless of social, cultural, ethical or religious background. Teuku coordinates the prison outreach program with more than 20 prisons under his care. He says it was an answer to prayer that he was put in contact with Bible League.

“Almost every day I would visit one of three prisons,” Teuku recalls. “I would counsel the prisoners from the Bible. They were happy to receive the Bibles, however, I felt dissatisfied that I was not able to make the most of the opportunity. Then something happened – I was able to partner with Bible League.

“The Bible study resources provided by Bible League are an answer to prayer.

I knew this is what I needed. The Project Philip training was the first Bible training I have received. Now, I’m all the more eager to visit prisons and minister God’s Word to them.”

“I want to thank Bible League for providing me with the Bible and Bible study resources. I have learned that when God gives a burden for mission, he will also provide the means to execute it. This has strengthened my faith in God. Thanks Bible League for everything.”


*Name changed for security reasons

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