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Donna, a Bible League-trained Church Planter, grew up within a loving family who were dedicated to serving God. She had a strong faith in Jesus, and would often join her parents in sharing the Gospel message on the crowded streets of Quezon City.

Then a day came when her faith was put to the test.

“I was in my second year of high school when I became very ill and physically weak,” she recalls. “My situation was aggravated as months passed by and I ended up having a severe lung disease. All the laboratory results showed that the left part of my lungs had been eaten up by the infection. As a result, the remaining lung had doubled in function which caused it to double in size to the point that my heart was pushed further left under the axilla (armpit) area.”

Philippines ladyWhen a doctor came to tell Donna the devastating news that she only had six months to live, she turned immediately to God and prayed.

“I told Him, Lord, I trust you, and with you nothing is impossible as you have said in Luke 1:37. But Lord, if this will be the last six months of my life, I will use every single day of it in serving you.”

Those six months continued to extend, and now Donna has been serving Jesus for 21 years! She works as a pastor and doesn’t let her remaining health issues, such as needing a portable oxygen tank, stop her from doing what God has called her to do.

“Nothing can stop me from preaching the Word of God, especially when I met the Philippines Bible League team who introduced Church Planting Training to us. The training has been crucial to us becoming more effective in our ministry. We can never thank the Bible League enough for this free training, resources, and Bibles that have enabled us to support the under-resourced churches in the Philippines.”

Donna excitedly shares that she has been involved in planting five new home churches and that five other church members have graduated from Church Planter Training.

“The Word of God is spreading rapidly; no one and nothing can stop us now. I may not be considered as totally healed for now. But my weakness serves as an inspiration to other Christians that you have no excuse in preaching the Word of God.

“Thank you, Bible League, for equipping us with the tools and knowledge to do our service to the Lord and become more effective in our ministry.”

We need your help to provide Bibles, resources and training to the under resourced churches in the Philippines. Will you help today?

 Pray: Please pray for Donna’s church planting ministry to continue to flourish and that many people will come into a saving relationship with Jesus.


The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

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