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Renu finds peace, joy and spiritual growth

Growing up, Renu was taught to embrace the Buddhist values of being happy and grateful – but everything in life seemed to be against her. The worst of all? A mother who hated her and treated her like a failure. When Renu’s father abandoned the family, life got even worse.

Renu turned to her Buddhist faith in an attempt to set things right. “I spent a lot of money trying to bring peace and reconciliation through mantras and charms, but nothing changed,” she says.

Buddhism promised much, but failed to deliver. The teaching of karma taught her that her suffering was her own fault.

Just when Renu’s relationship with her mother was at its darkest point, a Christian friend invited Renu to church.

Thai lady holding Bible on lap “My first impression of the church and the people at that time was not great. The church building was a small building and the priest (pastor) was not different from us,” Renu remembers.

But when she heard the Good News, Renu realised that Jesus is the one who brings reconciliation.

“By God’s grace, my mother accepted Jesus Christ too. Our relationship has become much better and better,” she says, and adds:

“No amount of meditation or medication has provided what Jesus has done for me. I am so peaceful and joyful now.”

Since then, the Gospel has taken root all around her in many wonderful ways, thanks to friends like you.

One Sunday, Renu’s pastor announced that Project Philip training would be starting. Nobody at church could have imagined what spiritual growth would take place as a result!

Thanks to the training, Renu and her church were emboldened to share the Gospel with 12 villages in her area.

“Many people came to Christ!” says Renu with a big smile.

Your support helps provide the Bibles, biblical training and resources that make wonderful stories like this possible. God has been at work in South East Asia to plant His Word in people’s hearts… and your partnership with the Bible League has been an integral part of His mission.

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Prayer: Pray for more people’s hearts to be opened to the Gospel as Renu and her church continue to share among local villages.

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