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Reaching Children's Hearts

From a young age Eliana’s passion was to work with children. “I became a Christian when I was a teenager so when I finished school, I decided to go on a mission’s trip to a neighbouring country. I returned home to Argentina, convicted by the Holy Spirit. I decided to move to an impoverished area near Buenos Aires.”

Eliana and Felipito engage children in Project Philip studies

“Greeted by unpaved and muddy streets full of roaming dogs, I knew this was the place God needed me to help people in His name. I work with kids in my Church who have learning disabilities and help to empower them through Project Philip Bible studies for children, she says. “I came to this house church because this city is an impoverished area. Many children here have problems and usually grow up to be criminals. In this church, I was introduced to Project Philip Bible studies and knew the transformational impact it would have on the lives of these kids.

“One day I created a puppet named ‘Felipito’ from recycled materials to help the kids engage even more in the Project Philip Bible studies. “Felipito is a hit here! He makes the classes dynamic and helps the kids understand the texts from the booklets. For example, after I read a passage or a question, Felipito asks, ‘Did you get that kids?’ They always answer him!”

The young, energetic, and loving instructor says happily, “I feel satisfaction of heart and spirit after every Project Philip Bible study session. Project Philip Bible studies for children helped me understand that reaching children’s hearts is possible.”

Your gift today will help people like Eliana reach more young children living in dire circumstances.


Pray that those ministering in the impoverished areas of Argentina will be a light of hope through their engagement with Project Philip lessons.


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