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A Window of Time...


As you know, people all over the world have been isolated for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but finally restrictions are beginning to lift in some countries.

Now, there’s a small Window of Time to close a $213,940 funding gap for 21,794 more Bibles and biblical resources – so that together we can reach people who are more open to the Gospel than ever before – so they can know Jesus.

It’s a chance to partner in what God is doing in places like Zimbabwe – where He’s drawing people to Himself in increasing numbers and inspiring believers to walk more closely with Jesus.

Bishop Goronga, who co-ordinates Bible League projects in that troubled nation, shared this:

“Everybody is pinning their hopes on God that the virus will not spread. The level of prayer has increased.

The demand for the Word of God has increased.”

So far with your help, Project Philip leaders have visited villages all over Zimbabwe along with Ministry of Health officials – bringing Bibles and training along the way to encourage people. Bishop Goronga continued

“We’ve covered the length and breadth of Zimbabwe in 21 days. This crisis has placed us in the centre of bringing hope to the nation.

“It would have taken us five years to reach certain villages. Now, it’s taken 21 days. This is a miracle! Our God works

in mysterious ways. Though the devil meant to destroy, we will emerge stronger and united.”

All over the world, lost people are looking for how to get through this pandemic – not just physically but emotionally. This presents a powerful opportunity for you and me to do all we can to make Jesus known.

We can help provide 21,794 more Bibles and biblical resources to spiritually hungry people to engage with God’s Word.

God has shown us some innovative ways to keep sharing the Gospel during the pandemic – and it’s sparked an even greater demand for Bibles.

In Indonesia – where more than 4,781* people have died from COVID-19 – a growing audience of Christians and Muslims watch church services online.

Now, many Muslims want a Bible so they can learn more about Jesus!

At the same time, Indonesian Christians from all denominations are uniting in prayer for their nation – for the first time in many years. The spiritual revival that occurred there 20 years ago is re-emerging!

Indonesian believers across the country are also completing Project Philip training on WhatsApp to equip them to spread the Gospel.

Yes, God is always at work… even in the midst of a global pandemic.

But it’s critically important to close the $213,940 funding gap – so that together we can reach those who are more open to the Gospel than ever before.

Please pray for this need to be met by September 30. And, I’d be so grateful for your best gift today, as you invest in this opportunity. Thank you!

The President of Zimbabwe recently acknowledged the vital ministry you help make possible. Bishop Goronga explained:

“I was one of 50 bishops invited to meet the President. At the opening of the meeting, the President mentioned the work that Bible League is doing in the nation. I was excited because we are part of the solution to the crisis.”

Please donate to help Bible League close the gap and help spiritually hungry people to know Jesus!

*Number current at time of publishing

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