When I landed in Kathmandu I soon realised that this nation is under a very dark “cloud.” Hinduism has taken hold of most of the population and as I stepped onto the cobbled streets there were reminders everywhere that Nepal has been indoctrinated with the Hindu religion. Add to this the fact that more than 54 young women and girls are trafficked each and every day from Nepal into the sex-trade in India and my heart was shattered. And still, more desperate cries came from the streets, as I witnessed many young children sniffing glue in an effort to find a short-lived “high” in an attempt to escape from their own shocking reality.

As I continued to search amongst the ruins of buildings, I finally sat on the steps of what I thought was just another dilapidated building and began to cry out to God as to why all this was happening. I flung my head into my hands and began to pray. Sometime later a gentle hand touched me on the shoulder and the quiet voice of Pastor Baburam whispered in broken Nepali-English: “Come inside and see what God is doing as He restores our nation.” The building was a church, and was pastored by one of the Church Planters who had recently graduated from Bible League’s Church Planter Training. Inside I sat on the floor with members of the church, each of whom shared their story of how they came to faith and how God had helped them overcome so much adversity.

There is a lot in Nepal which could cause you to give up hope, persecution of Christians is still rife in many parts; many are cast out of their families when they convert to Christianity; many lose or give up job opportunities because of their faith and poverty and sickness are all around you.

But as I journeyed on some of the worst dirt roads I’d ever experienced, I began to see a glimmer of hope. When I continued on and met with pastors and Church Planters, I soon realised that out of the rubble and destruction, God is moving in the hearts and lives of these people. I attended a Church Planter graduation and was totally awestruck by the faith and determination of each and every one of the graduates. I saw the faces of many groups of young kids enrolled in Bible-based Literacy, who now know they have a very real hope and a future, the kind spoken of in Jeremiah 29:11 “I say this because I know the plans that I have for you.” This message is from the Lord. “I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future.”

Yes, we praise God for what He has already accomplished through our team in Nepal! And in speaking with them they shared that there are still millions to be reached and that is why the need is so urgent. In remote villages where local churches do not even exist, or where Church Planters desperately want to reach out to the next generation with Bible-based Literacy, there are no resources to do so.

By September this year around 3,000 will graduate from Bible-based Literacy, and with your help, we would love to be able to reach at least another 20,000.

Your gift of $15 will provide a Bible and literacy resources for one person.

And a gift of $150 will mean ten people will have their very own copy of God’s Word and the literacy skills to set them free from a life of poverty.

God’s Word is powerful and can change lives. But the need in Nepal is so great. Bible League has committed to meet this immediate need by asking you to partner with us to plant 20,000 Bibles and Bible-based Literacy resources.

With your help and partnership, we can provide HOPE to our Church Planters who are so committed to see many more be saved!