Imagine you have never read a Bible, maybe never held one in your hands. For a rapidly increasing number of people throughout the world, this is real—they don’t have to imagine life without a Bible they can read, understand, and believe. This IS their reality!

Christianity is in peril, like no other religion. Christians are targeted more than any other body of believers in history. Two hundred million Christians (10 percent of the global total) are socially disadvantaged, harassed or actively oppressed for their faith in Christ. Between a half and two-thirds of Christians in the Middle East have departed or been killed over the past century.

This was how it was for Ayesha.* The more she learned about Islam, the more disillusioned she became. “I was devastated,” she confesses, “with the violence. People around me were literally being killed for turning away from Islam. I fell asleep one night while praying and crying to God to reveal himself to me, and a mighty man stood before me in my dream. I asked ‘Who are you?’ And he said, ‘I am Christ Eissa,’” (which is the name for Jesus in Islam).

Ayesha hid the Bible she’d received from a friend, “Hidden in my room, along with Bible study resources from Bible League, I kept reading secretly, searching for more to learn about Jesus,” she adds. “And as I read, I became more and more convinced, and then one night I knew—Jesus is Lord.”

“That’s when my mother found out while cleaning my room that I had a Bible and Bible study books,” Ayesha says. “My father beat me. He called the police and told them that his daughter had renounced Islam and has become an infidel.” Ayesha was abused and threatened, and when finally, she was released, she was ordered, “Do not talk about Christianity ever again.”

And what did Ayesha do? “I still talk about my Jesus,” Ayesha says with conviction, “and now I have a real Father—I was adopted by my Creator and I just can’t stop sharing my story.” This is why Bible League equips people like Ayesha with Bibles in Arabic so she can keep telling her story. The obstacle I face today, she says, “is that I run out of Bibles.”

Don’t let Ayesha run out of Bibles. Don’t let our work in Muslim nations be hindered by a lack of supply. In 2017, with your help, we were able to reach more than 172,000 people in the Muslim World, people like Ayesha.
Today, for a gift of just $20 you have the opportunity to help place an Arabic Bible into the waiting hands of people like Ayesha.

Your gift of $60 will provide Bibles to three people. And a gift of $200 will mean ten people will have their very own copy of God’s Word. There is no more powerful way to transform Muslim nations than with God’s Word. I pray you will seek out what God wants you to do to impact the Muslim nations. With your help and urgent response, together we can do it!

* Name changed for security purposes