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Planting God's Word to help people meet Jesus

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God's Word is expensive or unavailable. Make a dream come true.


With a population of over 100 million, and facing the worst drought in 50 years, Ethiopians are also facing unimaginable spiritual hardship; made worse by dire poverty, threats of terrorism and political instability.

More than 50 million Ethiopians do not have access to the Word of God.

Imagine desperately wanting to experience God’s Word but being denied it because it was too expensive or simply unavailable.

Bible League Australia provides the critical first step to spiritual transformation by providing Bibles and biblical resources to people in Ethiopia.

With your help, a Bible can be PLACED in the hands of someone who needs it today.


Jason* is 43 years old, born in Limmu Genet District and originally from a Muslim family. “When I was young, I was opposed to Christians,” he remembers.

“In 1997, there was a Christian conference in Jimma Stadium and I went there with three friends to disrupt the program. We started throwing stones into the crowd from outside the stadium. Afterwards we decided to enter the stadium to see what was going on.”

“The preacher invited first time visitors to come forward and I felt a hand upon my shoulder encouraging me to respond. In that moment, I received Christ as my personal Saviour”.


As a new believer, Jason felt he had no understanding about the Word of God.

“I faced persecution from family and friends, yet because of my love for Christ, I decided not to turn back to Islam. I was sure that one day I could be a witness to my unbelieving family.”

In 2008, Jason heard about Bible League in Jimma District. “I contacted them and I received a Bible and some Bible Study resources. That was a significant turning point in my Christian faith,” he declares. “I can’t express how much these resources have helped me. I now know how to faithfully interpret the Word of God.”

After six months of studying and training with the Project Philip resources, he was baptised and started to boldly witness to others. The entire community has been impacted by the winds of change brought about by the Bible League program.

“It is my desire to have all the local churches receive Bible League resources to help their church family and the unchurched in the place where they are. This is the purpose the church is living for.”

Andres*, Coordinator of Christian Student’s Fellowship at Wolayita Sodo University, was blessed to be born into a Christian family. He admits he didn’t always have a love for the Scriptures but after studying the Bible League’s Project Philip booklets he was transformed.

“Studying the Word has made me spiritually mature,” says Andres. “My old thinking has fallen away and I am completely changed.”

Andres now coordinates the Project Philip across two university campuses. His commitment to leading others to Christ is a testament to God’s great work in Ethiopia. Glory to God!

* Name changed for security purposes.