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Pastor Hayford says, “You’re Changing many Lives”

Pastor Ernest Hayford leads a church that meets under a tree in Tamale, one of the poorest regions in Ghana – and people walk for miles to attend.

“Most of the people were previously idol‐worshippers and today they’re in church, fellowshipping,” says Pastor Hayford. “Some were drug addicts or alcoholics. I just saw two of them and they are changed.”

He admits that he didn’t know how to start a church, so he organised a crusade. “In no time they all went away,” he says. A fellow minister advised him to get educated on how to plant a strong church.

“I decided to enrol in Bible League’s Church Planter Training,” he explains. “I learned how to mobilise people and begin fellowships. Then I started Sunday services. There’s a whole lot of difference since I received training. I can now teach my members, and the biblical resources have been of great benefit to us.”

Pastor Hayford started a sustainability project of rearing pigs to help generate income for families and provided fertiliser to enrich their land. He is also identifying potential leaders to enrol in Church Planter Training.

“I’m starting with raising up two people to plant churches because there are so many villages here. But I desire to raise about 50 people who can plant churches all over. “Islam is dominating this community – about 98% are Muslim – and it’s growing very fast. That’s why I urge you to continue your work in northern Ghana, to send more biblical resources, and equip believers to plant churches. You’re changing many lives!”

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