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Painful death brings eternal life

17-year-old Inga was devastated when she discovered that her much-loved granny was severely ill. However, little did she know that through her grandmother’s sickness her entire family would meet Jesus.

“We were nominal Christians,” explains Inga. “We burnt candles and followed traditions. One day some Christian believers visited our place. They talked about Jesus Christ and my parents listened and asked them to keep coming.

“During one of their visits, my granny was in severe pains. They prayed for my granny and for my parents. My grandmother accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour and we could see the peace and joy my granny had.”

Some weeks later, after Inga’s granny passed away peacefully, the entire family began attending church. Inga’s parents, who had now become Christians, encouraged Inga to attend a Bible League Bible-based Literacy classes.

“The classes were wonderful and we had a great teacher,” Inga says enthusiastically. “We also learned from the Bible and after completing the course we received our own English ERV Bible. I was very glad.”

Through these classes Inga chose to follow Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. She then went on to join a Project Philip Bible study group and grew in her understanding of the Bible and her love for the Lord. Recently, she gave an ERV Bible as a gift to her school teacher.

“My teacher and I read the Bible together and I explain God’s Word to her,” Inga says, smiling widely. “I pray for her and I am sure that someday, she also will accept Jesus as her Lord.

“Thank you to all the people from Bible League who provide us with these wonderful Project Philip lessons, Bible study booklets, and the ERV Bible. May the Lord Jesus bless all of you.”

The gift of a Bible can transform entire families. Will you give towards Bibles for Armenia today? 

Pray for nominal Christians in Armenia to come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. 


The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

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