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Remembering a True Teacher

Believers in South Africa are remembering a leader who trained hundreds to plant churches through Church Planter Training. After many years providing faithful service in the vineyard of the Lord, Pastor Shadrack passed from labour to rest after succumbing to an illness.

Despite his health challenges, Pastor Shadrack continued his role of Church Planter Training instructor in South Africa’s northern Venda regions. He guided the participants through the training, ever mindful of the importance of the work. The students who knew him best, fondly remember his instruction. In one class, he shared these pearls of wisdom: “This program is not for the dreamers, but for the doers. So it was with the disciples of Jesus, and so it shall be with us. Being a disciple of Christ means practicing discipline –  discipline in praying, discipline in reading the Word of God.”

His students also recall wisdom like this: “Leaders should not use people to build up a church but use the church to build up people. The strength of the church is not measured by its seating capacity, it is measured by its discipleship and sending capacity.”

Another student recalls the day of his graduation from Church Planter Training. He remembered that Pastor Shadrack assumed a stern look on his face in front of them to hide his emotions. Yet, as more and more of the graduates he taught and nurtured received their certificates, Pastor Shadrack could not control his tears. May his family and students be comforted as they struggle with the loss of a such a wonderful teacher, husband, and father.

Encourage Church Planters today by resourcing them with Bibles to build their church.

Pray for those living in darkness that they would come to see the light of Jesus, like this father and son.

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