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Edia’s life changes when she learns to depend on God

After Edia’s parents divorced, her once-happy childhood was marred by instability.

Her mother remarried another man who Edia disliked and so she chose to live with her relatives. As a young teenager, while living with her aunt, she passed a nearby church and decided to go inside.

 “I heard a preacher sharing about the love of God,” Edia says. “I was touched and I decided to surrender my life to the Lord. Then I became a Christian and joined a local church.”

However, as Edia grew up she lacked parental guidance and her spiritual life began to suffer.

“I did what I wanted, when I wanted and without caring about God’s commandments,” she admits.

Thankfully, Edia’s life turned around when she started attending a new Bible study program within her church’s youth group.

“A Bible League program was introduced to our church youth group,” Edia says. “We used the Project Philip ‘So Choose Life’ material. I was really touched by the lessons and the questions we were asked made a lot of sense to me. I liked how the trainers taught, advised and explained the lessons to us.

Before attending Project Philip, my life was in shambles but now I have learned that I have to depend on God in my life. I have to search for His will every time, and I found His will in the Bible, the true Word of God.”

Edia is very grateful for the Bible League’s Project Philip Bible study program which provided the discipleship she needed. Now, she is also equipped to share the Gospel with her non-Christian classmates.

 “At the end of the program, I received a Bible which is helping me a lot in my spiritual growth,” Edia says, smiling. “I would strongly recommend this program to others because it changed my life. Thank you very much.”


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