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Jesus is my Friend Forever

Tongai is an 11-year-old boy living in Mashava, Zimbabwe. Last year, his father passed away, making it difficult for his mom to provide for the family. He recalls, “That was the hardest thing we had to deal with as a family.”

As a result, they had to move out of their nice home and into a more affordable home in the poorer part of town. Thankfully, his mom got a job as a janitor at a local daycare, which has been a blessing.

Recently, one of Tongai’s friends invited him to attend Sunday school. He agreed to go and says, “I only agreed to attend because my friend said there was going to be lots of goodies for us to eat as well as prizes to win.” But when Tongai attended church, he learned about how much Jesus Christ loves him.

“At the beginning, the teacher taught us about a friend who would never leave us no matter what, and one who would never judge us or laugh at us.” He continues, “When she told us about how Jesus is our friend forever, and how, although we cannot see Him, He stays in us and helps us, I thought it was ridiculous. However, through the various activities we did and the prayers we said, I felt comforted.”

Then, the teacher told them the story of Jesus telling the children to come to Him. “I knew then that surely He will always be my friend.” When Tongai heard that he would receive a Bible when he finished his Project Philip Bible study booklet for Children, he worked hard to complete it.

He says with a smile, “I am so happy that I have a Bible now with many pictures I can look at. I look forward to Saturdays and Sundays, as those are the days our teacher visits and takes us for Sunday School lessons. I feel encouraged about being in the presence of the Lord.”


Pray: for the children attending Project Philip classes, that they may grow in faith and understanding of who they are in Jesus.