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Helping Children Draw Closer to God

“My name is Sara and I serve as a children’s ministry teacher at my Malaysian church. I was introduced to the Project Philip Bible study program entitled ‘Cilukba’ by a local pastor. He is also the children’s ministry superintendent from the largest denomination in the region and is a trained ‘Philip’ in Bible League’s Project Philip program.”

“Initially I was sceptical about this new evangelistic program. It was very similar to the many books and materials that I used in my work with children. However, after I received training on how to effectively reach children for Christ, I was no longer in doubt.

“Over time, I discovered just how impactful Project Philip is for evangelising children. It is a comprehensive study that cleverly uses a colour theme to communicate the Gospel to children in an easy, relatable way. Since then, I have used this wonderful Bible study to minister to hundreds of children in my region, helping them to draw closer to God. On a mission trip to the Philippines, I led a group of children through the program to help them come to faith in Christ and to understand the Scripture verses found in the study.”

“I thank God for Bible League’s Project Philip program. It has helped to make my ministry to children more profound and effective while encouraging them to grow a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Pray for the children attending Project Philip Bible study classes to grow deeper in their faith in Christ.


The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.