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The Gospel message transforms an entire family

War, poverty, and oppression were a part of everyday life for Cyril, his wife and four children. For many years during the civil war in Sri Lanka they lived in anxiety and uncertainty.


 “Everybody’s lives were affected,” Cyril says poignantly. “Poverty and unemployment crippled both poor and rich as many lost their jobs. During these times of upheaval, I remember going to the church for peace of mind.”

Cyril grew up in a religious family but he didn’t have a personal relationship with God and certainly never considered reading the Bible. “Our church did not teach anything from the Bible,” Cyril says. “It was a big book which we never read. I prayed more as a religious practice rather than to a real God.”

One day, a Project Philip-trained Christian man visited Cyril’s home and shared about the love of God and the life-saving power of Jesus with the entire family.

“He shared many stories from the Bible,” Cyril recalls. “He introduced us to a booklet, ‘How to relate to God?’ and invited us to attend Project Philip Bibles studies.

We never regarded the Bible to be studied or even discussed. But the Project Philip group changed my thinking.

Not only did I read the Bible, I studied it diligently. I continued reading even though I did not understand many things. Within a few months, we experienced dramatic changes in each of our lives.”

Cyril explains how his wife had been under oppression for a number of years and was unable to parent their children. He also had his struggles with unemployment and alcohol addiction.

“My wife experienced deliverance and healing,” Cyril shares. “She is now a cheerful and a very responsible mother. We have both committed our lives to Jesus. I gave up drinking and I got a job painting auto rickshaws. Our finances have increased. Our neighbours are surprised to find the changes not just in my wife but all of us. Our kids are happy to experience joy and harmony in the family. We have family prayers and recite verses every evening before bed.

“We are very grateful to everyone involved in Project Philip. Thank you for the Bibles and the resources. It has changed our lives. Our hope is in God!


Pray that more Sri Lankan’s encounter the Living Word as they attend Project Philip classes.

The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

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