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The Gospel brings new life to a Hindu family

Ballabh’s* life in Nepal, was full of ups and down. “I was a Hindu by birth,” he shares. “We worshipped our gods and offered sacrifices, believing that it would bring good fortune. But the reality was totally different. It was a life of despair and hopelessness.

“My wife and I were both from poor families and always lived in dire poverty. I tried my hand in several jobs but nothing worked.”

When Ballabh’s father died, his mother moved in with them, which created more stress, especially when she suddenly became sick. They had no money to treat her in a hospital so they consulted witch doctors, but it only made matters worse. He borrowed money from friends, travelling to India to get a job to repay them. By then, Ballabh started drinking. He recalls, “I was an emotional wreck and lost the money that I hoped to save for treating my mother.”

When Ballabh returned home, to his utter astonishment, he found that his mother was normal, happy and healed. His wife told him that while he was away, they met a pastor from a local church. He prayed for the mother, invited them to church and gave them Project Philip Bible study booklets.

Ballabh recalls, “I was both angry and happy. Angry that they embraced Christianity. And happy to see my mother well.” Soon, Ballabh’s wife introduced him to the pastor who then shared the Gospel with him.

“I could not help but receive Jesus into my life,” Ballabh says with a smile. “I felt like a new person. I want to help others who are struggling in life.”

Today, Ballabh and his wife both completed Church Planter Training and are passionate about their faith in Christ. They are determined to make a difference in the lives of others in their community.

God’s Word has the power to restore lives and entire families! Will you give towards Bibles for Nepal today?

*Name changed for security purposes.

Pray that Ballabh and his wife will see many people come to know Jesus Christ through their ministry work.


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