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God's Word restores a failing marriage

In a gritty and overcrowded barrio in Bogotá, Colombia, a young and determined Bible League-trained Church Planter named John is witnessing how the Gospel is dramatically changing lives.

“This church is the only way they are hearing the Gospel,” says John. “Before the Gospel came here, there was nothing; no hope and no real life.”

Within John’s church is a man named Edwin who attends with his wife and three children. Their family appear happy and content but it was not always this way.

“Jesus saved my life and my family,” he explains. “I was unfaithful, I lied, but she knew,” he says nodding at his wife.  “I started coming to this Bible study to see if my life could change.

“Then it happened. God’s Word changed my heart and I learned God’s Spirit was with me now. I talked with John who told me about honesty and how Christ is truth. I knew that I would have to live radically to have any chance of getting my wife and children back.

I confessed my adultery to her,” Edwin says as he looks at his wife who is holding back tears. “God worked in her. She saw that I changed and accepted me back.”

John also saw the change in Edwin and asked the couple to open their home so he could lead a Bible League Project Philip Bible study for them and their friends. Edwin’s faith continued to grow as he studied God’s Word. He recently became a Philip (Project Philip Bible study leader), so that he can help share God’s Word with others and already he is discipling six new people. Praise God!

Pray that families and marriages across Colombia will continue to be transformed and restored through Christ Jesus as people engage with God’s Word.


The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

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