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Run4Bibles is an opportunity for your students to Stand Up, Speak Up and Lace Up for young people in South Africa who hunger for God’s Word.  By being sponsored to run in your school’s Cross Country (or similar event), students will provide Bibles and biblical resources for students in South African Public Schools.  It takes just $7 to provide a complete pack (Bible and Choose Life resource), a small investment that has the ability to bear the greatest return – a life transformed by the power of the Gospel.

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Student Impact Stories


Samuel was orphaned at a young age. He was taken in by an uncle who was heavily involved in crime and would often be away for long periods of time.

“I was left by myself on many occasions and after a while I became rebellious, disrespectful and stubborn,” Samuel recalls. “My ongoing bad behaviour eventually led to me being expelled from school. A lady who lived close to me named Thembisile (which means ‘Promise’), saw what I was going through and began sharing God’s promises and His unfailing love for me. I could feel something change inside me. When I enrolled at a new school the following year, I met a pastor who was running Bible League’s Project Philip program. He said that God has a specific plan for me; a plan to prosper me and to give me hope and a future. The course of my life changed from that moment,” says Samuel.


My name is Amelia Bonke, I’m 18 years old and though I had a very challenging childhood, I can look back now and recognise God working in my life.  When I was 8 years old I lost both of my parents.  My father was very abusive and, during one of his rages, he beat my mother so badly she died.  When he realised what he had done he couldn’t live with himself.  He shut himself in a bathroom and committed suicide.  This left my 4 siblings and I completely alone.  As there were no family members that wanted to take us all in we were separated and sent to live in different provinces.

Transformed Amelia receiving her Bible at graduation

My sister and I went to live with our aunt but we didn’t stay long.  We were treated very badly, so much so that my sister decided to drop out of school to look for a job.  By the time I was 12 she was able to afford a small place that we could move into so things got a little better.  My sister got another job that was far away from where we lived and she would stay out there for the week leaving me alone in our house.  A group of boys noticed that I was staying alone and they forced their way into my house where they locked me in and abused me over three days.  What happened to me here hurt more than losing my parents.

My sister returned and we moved again to a different part of South Africa.  I carried a lot of hurt and anger, particularly after attending the trial of those who had hurt me and hearing the magistrate say there was not enough evidence to find them guilty.  I began to believe that I had no value and that there was no point in making plans for my future.  One day I heard a Pastor who visited our school invite us to a program called “So Choose Life.”  The title caught my attention and so I went to the hall to attend.

As the Pastor went through the lessons I began to understand the person God had created me to be and it changed my life.  Throughout this program I saw myself being gradually renewed and began to see my past in a completely different way.  Towards the end of our booklet, the Pastor asked me if I was willing to give a testimony about the program.  When I gave my story a lot of girls couldn’t hold back their tears and I began to cry myself.  While talking about my past was painful I also got the chance to express the joy I had about the way my life was starting to take shape.  On the day of the program graduations, when we received our certificates and Bibles, I broke into tears again thinking of how I nearly lost the rest of my life.

I want to thank Bible League and our principal for allowing our Pastor to run this program.  Above all, I thank the Lord Almighty for giving me the wisdom to attend.  I’m also grateful to God that we were miraculously reunited with our siblings!!  Glory be to God!


Muriel receiving her Bible and graduation certificate

“My name is Muriel Khumalo and I’m 12 years old.  I was raised by my grandmother when my mother left for work one day and never returned.  At school my classmates would talk about spending time with their mothers, which made me feel sad.  I didn’t want to hear their stories anymore so I stopped spending time with them.  That, however, wasn’t enough as I would purposely go out of my way to start fights with them.  I soon lost respect for teachers, other leaders at the school, even the principal.

During one of my classes, I got so angry that I threw one of my books at my teacher.  I was called to the principal’s office and suspended with a warning to change my behaviour or be expelled.  While I was at home, a teacher visited me and encouraged me to keep studying.  She also gave me a book with the title “Friends Forever” and told me that the Pastor who comes to the school asked her to give it to me.

I was amazed at how this teacher would show me love and kindness even though I had been unkind to her.  When I returned to school and attended the “Friends Forever” class, the Pastor asked if anyone wanted to become a Christian.  I stood up, raised my hands and asked God to forgive me for what I had done and help me live for Him.  From that moment on my life changed.  I now enjoy my studies and have been invited to attend one of the best schools in Soweto.  I am excited to share with whoever will listen about how Jesus saved my life.  Thank you Bible League for helping me to grow my faith and for the Bible.”


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