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From Worshipping a tree to Worshipping Jesus - Ghana

“I doubted, I resisted, but then I studied God’s Word and believed,” admits Augustina – a young woman living in the Northern Region of Ghana. “But there is a reason I fought against Christian faith,” she explains.

“Growing up, we were peasant farmers, and my family worshiped all that we knew – an idol called ‘akinkagna’ which is a tree from near the river. So we had three branches of this tree affixed to our house with a pot filled with grass and water from that river,” she explains, “and we worshipped here and made sacrifices for protection and for our needs as a family.”

“If someone was sick, my father would take water from this pot and sprinkle it on the person. This was all we could do we thought,” Augustina says.

Soon, she was married, but just as quickly discovered her new husband was not faithful to her. “So what could I do?” Augustina asks with a shrug. “We even tried to go to a church near our home because I thought this would change things, and the pastor told me I needed to study God’s Word.”

She joined a Project Philip Bible study and then started attending the church, but she had so many questions. “I just wasn’t sure about Jesus and believing Him,” she says bluntly, “but the more I studied, the more I learned how I needed Jesus to save me. I needed forgiveness, and Jesus was my answer.”

Today Augustina has her own Bible and attends church, bringing others with her. “But,” she explains, “I can’t read – not even my own Bible,” she says holding it out. “So, I mark the places we are studying and ask others to read them to me later or at home,” Augustina says, “and I tell everyone who will listen about my new life in Jesus as they read the Bible to me.”

With your gift today churches in Ghana can encourage greater understanding among seekers as they read and study God’s Word in Project Philip classes.

Pray that Augustina is a mighty witness in her community and that she learns to read her very own Bible.

The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.