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From a criminal to taxi driver evangelist

Your faithful support is enabling God’s Word to be planted in hearts across Africa, helping many discover the transforming power of Jesus for all who believe. Even people from the most desperate backgrounds are coming to know God!

One of those rescued from hopelessness is Thanduxolo from rural South Africa. When he was a young child, Thanduxolo’s family were very poor. He often resorted to stealing chickens and eggs to survive. This led Thanduxolo into a life of crime, stealing sheep and cattle, yet before long he ended up in prison.

When Thanduxolo was released, his mother decided the family would move to Johannesburg for a fresh start.

Thanduxolo found a job driving taxis and ended up befriending an older man, Mr Chawe, who was a pastor trained through Bible League’s Church Planter Training. Mr Chawe became like an adoptive father to Thanduxolo, bringing him clothes, teaching him to read, write and care for his family – even praying them.

When tragedy struck and Thanduxolo’s mother died suddenly, it was Mr Chawe who came to support Thanduxolo.

“Mr Chawe came to visit me,” Thanduxolo recalls. “I hadn’t eaten for days. He found me in a state of hopelessness, I even thought I was dying. Thank God that he did not give up on me!

“The next day, he came with another gentleman, they both prayed for me and led me to the Lord. Then they took me to church. I felt so much love surrounding me from everyone there at church.”

Thanks to supporters like you, Mr Chawe’s training enabled him to be a faithful witness to Thanduxolo, leading him to a life-changing faith in Jesus!

“I am proud to say I am a completely transformed person,” Chawe says earnestly. “When I drive my taxi, I minister to people and take others to church. I love the Lord so much that I witness to so many people each day.”

Will you help train more pastors through Bible League’s Church Planter Training so more people like Mr Chawe can be reached?

Call to Prayer: Pray for God’s hand to be over Thanduxulo as he continues to minister to people through his work. Pray also for Mr Chawe to continue to see lives transformed through the Gospel message.

Give now to train more Church Planters like Mr Chawe in South Africa.


The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

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