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Fawilai finds Jesus in Bible study

Fawilai, by her own admission, is a stubborn person. “I have my own thoughts, and I think I do not need any religion, in other words, I do not need God. I born as a Buddhist, but I do not pray to Buddha either. Since my childhood, I follow my parents to the temple, but I do not believe any of them though sometimes I ask myself if God really exists?”

“Two years ago, my husband accepted Christ and started going to church. I am surprised to see him as a former Buddhist now become a Christian. He seems happier and turns to become a better father and husband at home. He always shares with me about Jesus Christ, but I do not listen to him. I am stubborn as usual.”

“However, I started to go to church with my husband since I have no plan for Sunday. I have no interest in religion. Soon, the church seems as though it gave up on me after many months. The church also marked me as a problem child, worried that I will give them the bad influence.” said Fawilai.

“One and half years ago I encountered a serious problem that I cannot resolve myself. No friends can help me either. One Sunday morning in a church service, the pastor invited us to accept Jesus, he told us that Jesus can help us in every matter in our life. At that moment, God opened my heart, with a simple heart and simple faith, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour.”

“Since then, I start praying to God and God has helped me to solve my problem. I serve God in church with other brothers and sisters. As a new believer, I read the Bible but don’t understand what the Bible said most of the time.”

“Five months ago, the Project Philip Bible study program was introduced to our church by Bible League Thailand. Thank God, through this Bible study program, together with the Thai Easy to ReadTM Version and the help of our group leader, I understand better about Bible. I know more about God’s words and His love for us.”

“After attending the Project Philip Bible study for five months, I follow the program systematically and grow in Christ. I enjoy serving God in the church too. In the past, without the Project Philip program, our Bible knowledge depends on own interpretation of Bible and we always learn piece by piece without direction. But, now we learn the words of God in Project Philip program systematically.”

Many of my friends telling me that I am now a changed person. I am happier, willing to help others and always sharing about Jesus Christ to others. I have experienced God and grow in faith with Him, and I want to share about God’s love to others who are yet to know Jesus Christ.”

“Thank you Bible League for supporting this Project Philip Bible study program in our country and our church. Through this program, I am witnessing to many of my follow villagers and they are coming to Jesus Christ every day.”

Fawilai is one of the many Thai who found Jesus and are growing in Christ through the Project Philip Bible study program. Currently, there are 71 house churches with more than 150 Bible study groups in Central Thailand using Project Philip Bible study program.  Empower the Bible study groups by providing Bibles today.

Pray that as Thai people attend Project Philip Bible study classes that their understanding will grow in leaps and bounds.

The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.