There is a small school in the barrio (shanty town) in the city of Managua, Nicaragua’s capital. The community is very poor and education is scarce in this crowded place, leaving the children without hope. Families migrated from the poverty of their small villages searching for opportunity in Nicaragua’s largest city, but all they found was more poverty, high crime, and it’s their children who pay the price.

One struggling ministry here is a school trying to change the children’s lives in a way that will last – through basic education and studying God’s Word. Using Project Philip Bible studies, about 170 students have the opportunity to receive a basic education and learn how Jesus can transform their lives.

Diego is one of the students – a ten year old, and he strikes everyone as quiet and shy. That is, until asked what he’s learning. “Before, God was no big deal in my life,” the child says with unusual boldness, “but now I’m learning more and who He truly is. In the past, he was a Saviour. Now, Jesus is my Saviour,” proclaims Diego.

“My family wanted me to have an education, and that I can also learn about God is even better. I love that I can talk about the Bible in school with my teachers,” he adds.

Diego’s family is part of an obscure movement trying to make inroads among the most vulnerable in the area. “They knew we’d believe anything, and they promised us things they shouldn’t have,” he says bluntly.

“So, when I learn from the Bible, I go home and talk about what I’m learning with my family. I tell my family that learning the Bible saved my life and I know Jesus is my Saviour.”

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