“My name is Samuel, I’m married and a father of three boys. Despite being well-educated to post-graduate level, I lost my way and ended up in prison.”

“My parents upheld Christian teachings and lead by example, serving as good role models, but I faced challenges during my school days when I became exposed to freedom. I succumbed to peer pressure by joining a group of students who did not take studies seriously and instead engaged in risky behaviour. I was introduced to smoking and drinking alcohol, these habits became aggravated at the university. I also got sexually active at the mixed secondary school I attended.”

“Formerly, I was a teacher when I committed the worst sin on earth, that of murder. I was imprisoned in July 2013 and I am still in prison. My case has not been concluded and I was denied bail on grounds that the evidence was weighted strongly against me.”

“The pastors in prison kept on preaching to us every other day. I believe that God knew what I was going through and He sent His angels through the pastors. After participating in the Bible League Project Philip program, I experienced emotions of remorse, I felt I had been doing badly and I needed to put myself right. I felt I had lost control of my life and lost direction, hence I needed a compass to redirect my life to the correct direction. God is amazing, at that time when I was experiencing lack of control, pastors in prison kept on engaging me with talks relating to God as if they knew what was happening in my life. They enrolled me in a Bible study group. I surrendered my life to God and took the Bible as my compass. They were a Godsend to me and now I am at peace.”

“Today I am transformed, I am now experiencing a new life, a life that is guided by the teachings of God through the Bible. The experience is so fulfilling and I feel that the Spirit of God guides me. I am now a different person with traits that demonstrate that God is in me. Sharing the knowledge that I have acquired through Bible League training will add value to other people’s lives. It is my belief that we all have a responsibility to ensure that every man realises the truth, light and way to be able to acquire eternal life.”

Your gift today can be a compass for others to find direction and purpose in Jesus.  Plant Bibles today.

The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.