Bagio has been teaching high school students for over 13 years and shares: “Recently, I have been in service with a group of students pursuing higher education in local colleges. I teach them biblical foundations and Christian leadership in the hope that a firm groundwork would be laid down in their minds and hearts to help them live a life of service deeply rooted in Christ. My hope is that, when they complete their education and return to their place of origin, they will have a positive influence on others through their own life-changing testimonies.

“I am very happy to be able to use the Easy-to-ReadTM Indonesian New Testament version from Bible League. It’s a good translation in the Bahasa language and is easy to understand. This translation helps me in training college students to understand, in an easier way, the concepts in terms of biblical foundations and Christian leadership. The students enjoy accessing the Easy-to-ReadTM version online too. This is also another great tool from Bible League, who are making my job easier by providing these useful resources. I find that it is a great help in gaining a better insight to what God says about things they encounter in life and it helps them grow in their faith at the same time.”

There is a harvest-field waiting for the Gospel in Indonesia, where the majority faith is Muslim. Your gift will enable the under-resourced church to share the Gospel. Give today and plant God’s Word.


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