Hong Kong is famous for its wealth, skyscrapers, and dense population, but hidden from plain sight is the city’s real story. The working poor, migrants from mainland China, and immigrants seeking a better life far outnumber the wealthy of the city.

In Hong Kong’s “first culture”, almost 10% consider themselves Christians, but among the poor that number drops to just about 1%. Most of the working poor in Hong Kong are from traditional families where Christian faith is a foreign religion, and most of them lack basic education.

But in a small restaurant in the YWCA in Hong Kong, you will find a Bible-based Literacy class meeting several times a week. Just five women, servers at the restaurant, crowd around a corner table as a believer named Young leads the women through the lessons. She is a retired teacher now volunteering to teach these women to read and write using God’s Word. “It’s a wonderful ministry,” she begins.

“The women were afraid – because they had no education and because of life,” Young says, “and the manager saw how these women have been changing. He was so impressed that he now schedules the women so they can attend the Bible-based Literacy class.”

“It’s a miracle,” according to the manager, and those are the only words he knows to describe what he’s seeing. As Young adds, “Learning God’s Word as they learn to read and write is transforming every part of their lives – that’s what the manager sees, and we know it’s because of the Holy Spirit and the Gospel.”

The women are shy when asked what they are learning, but one offers a quiet note of gratitude, “Thank you for this, to learn English and learn about Jesus is wonderful.”

Young offers this perspective on the ministry, “Every person in my class is hearing about the Gospel for the first time. They have previously only had negative ideas in their minds about Christian faith, but going through the Bible is changing them. And when they finish their lessons they will receive a Bible they can read – that is part of the miracle.”

Bring the truth to the poor and marginalised workers in China by planting Bibles and biblical resources and be part of a miracle.


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