Zainab's second chance to learn

Zainab* and her family escaped the war in the Middle East, hoping for a better and safer life. Initially her and her husband didn’t have jobs and struggled to find their five children adequate schooling.

“Our first year was very tough,” Zainab recalls. “We had many challenges as both me and my husband didn’t have a job. We did have the opportunity though to rent a small apartment to stay in, but we suffered at the beginning to adapt to our life in our new community.”

“One of our main challenges was to find a place for my children in a public school,” she continues. “But after many attempts, I heard about a school related to a church in which is specifically for refugees. Thank God that eventually, my children were accepted.”

It was then that Zainab met Sara*, a teacher of Bible-based Literacy. Sara invited Zainab to join and she couldn’t see a reason not to.

“I remembered when I was young, and went to school, that I didn’t have the opportunity to finish my studies. So, I thanked God that He gave me another opportunity to get educated. That’s why I joined the class.”

“Not only have I learned to read and write, but the teacher has taught us many stories about God and His prophets, things I’d never heard of. She also talked to us about how to deal with our children and the importance of their education. I really enjoyed the learning and even after finishing the curriculum, I still enjoy being in the school every day and I’m still learning.”

Zainab has started helping Sara in teaching another class and she has also started learning English.

“I want to thank the Bible League ministry and each one who contributed to this program for their care to reach people like us and help us to be educated.”


For Zainab and her family as they continue to settle into their new lives, in a new country. Give praise for Sara and the work she does with Bible-based Literacy.

Your donation will provide Bibles and Bible-based Literacy resources to people like Zainab so that they can learn English and come to know the truth of God and His word.

*names changed for security purposes

The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.