You’re sharing Jesus in this global crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted life as we know it. But thankfully, your efforts to place God’s Word in people’s hands has continued in exciting ways.

Bishop Goronga, who helps co-ordinate Bible League’s projects in Zimbabwe said “We are part of the solution to the crisis.”

“The demand for the Word of God has increased. Fear covers people’s faces but Bible League is providing hope,” he said.

Amazingly, Bible League Project Philip leaders were able to accompany Ministry of Health officials during their visits to remote villages across the nation – bringing Bibles and training along the way to encourage people.

“We’ve covered the length and breadth of our nation in 21 days,” Bishop Goronga said. “This crisis has placed us in the centre of bringing hope to the nation.

“It would have taken us five years to reach certain villages. Now, it’s taken 21 days. This is a miracle! Our God works in mysterious ways.”

In Bangladesh, many people have found comfort during the pandemic through the audio Bibles you’ve helped provide.

“While people are distancing from each other, they are now drawing closer to God by hearing the Word of God,” said one field worker. “We have witnessed the transformation of many lives during this period.”

Kahill* is one of these people who has been able to listen to the Word of God. He’s a 60-year-old farmer who said “I had a deep passion for knowing more about Jesus, but I was not able to read.” Now, God’s Word has finally been opened to him in the form of an audio Bible!

“I listen to the Word of God every day and it helps me a lot,” he said. “I love it. Thank you for the special gift to learn the Word of God.”

There have also been encouraging reports from Albania. “During the crisis, we have used social media like Messenger, Skype, and WhatsApp,” explained Pastor Sabri.

“Believers have invited their entire family to take part in meetings and many of them are unbelievers. But in this difficult time – and because of fear – they’re seeking for God. The Lord is opening new ways to reach people’s hearts,” Pastor Sabri said.

Thank you for making it possible to share hope and lead people to Jesus during this challenging time in our world!

Your donation to Bible League will support these ministries and continue to get Bibles in the hands of people who need to hear God’s saving Word.


Pray as many people are in desperate situations due to COVID-19, and they have no hope- pray that they’ll hear the Gospel, receive a Bible, and meet Jesus.

* name changed for security purposes


The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

Your gift is making it possible to share hope and lead people to Jesus during COVID-19