You’re a source of transformation through Bible-based Literacy

On the plains of Nepal, something wonderful is happening with your help… a group of 23 impoverished and formerly illiterate women are learning to read God’s Word for themselves!

Sitting under a tree, surrounded by lush greenery and bellowing cattle, the colourfully clad women listen to their teacher, Bishal*, leading them through their day’s Bible-based Literacy lesson.

“They have never stepped inside a school,” Bishal says. Many of them migrated from the mountains to start a better life. However, they live in run-down homes and struggle to earn less than $2 a day by farming. “Most of the women are Hindus and two or three are Christian,”

Today Bishal is a pastor and he also teaches Bible-based Literacy classes.

Bishal continues. “They want to study. Education in Nepal is very bad. My passion is to educate people.”

“Literacy is one of the best ways to reach others for Christ,” says Bishal.

“Nepal is not very conducive to spreading the Gospel. We present Bible stories using the literacy books and it’s well received. I would like to bring many people to the house of God.”

Bishal knows firsthand how Jesus transforms lives and families. He shares:

“My father was an alcoholic. He was so addicted that he was slowly losing his mind. We had frequent quarrels at home. Then, someone told him about Jesus and he got saved. I was 12 years old when that happened.

“After receiving Christ, my father experienced a dramatic transformation – and it impacted all of us – including my two sisters. “God changed my father and it changed our entire family. God blessed us and we had a good and godly upbringing.”

“I knew deep within my heart that God had called me for ministry. It has now been three years that God has been using me to plant churches and impact people through Bible-based Literacy.

Bishal has a final message for you on behalf of his community in Nepal…

“I want to thank you for supporting Bible-based Literacy. These books have helped me to improve my own English and teach the students systematically. I can’t thank you enough!”

Thank you for being a source of encouragement and transformation for many across Nepal and South Asia just like Bishal as the message of the Gospel is shared through the Bible-based Literacy program.

Your gift today can transform people by providing Bible-based Literacy resources.

Pray for believers like Bishal who are teaching Bible-based Literacy. Pray they will be encouraged in their ministry and be able to lead many people to Jesus.

*Name changed for security reasons.


The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.


Transform lives by resourcing Bible-based Literacy in Nepal