You’re a source of hope to people like Dercio as you plant God’s Word in their hearts


Christianity is spreading across Africa at a phenomenal rate – and with that comes an increasing need for Bibles, biblical resources and biblical training.

And that’s where your generous support is helping many people like 24-year-old Dercio in Mozambique.

Dercio comes from a Christian family in the city of Muhalaze, but at some point, he turned away from the Church. Some friends invited him to join Project Philip, but Dercio ignored their invitation. He says his attitude toward going to church was not right – until he felt it was God urging him to attend the program.

It was through people like you investing in the evangelistic Project Philip program that Dercio found the Lord again.

Dercio explains, “I looked down on other churches and believers. I used to think that only my family’s church was a good church and didn’t trust other churches.

Here, I discovered that it’s not about this church or that one. It’s about God, who calls everyone to be one in His Word.”

Now, Dercio and his mother are trying to reach his father, who also turned away from the church. Dercio says his father refuses to speak with him about God, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to try. He says:

“After my transformation through Project Philip, I’m joining my mother in living our lives for God. I’m praying for my father to accept Jesus in his life as well.”

Thanks to the gifts and prayers of friends like you, Dercio’s life has been transformed through the Word of God – and now he’s sharing it with others. Please continue to pray for his ministry and the work of others like him across Mozambique and Africa. And thank you for your faithfulness in supporting programs like Project Philip and Church Planter Training.

Dercio concludes with this message to thank you for your support, and plead for his countrymen:

You are doing a good job! You must continue this ministry, not only for us here in Muhalaze, but for the whole of Mozambique. The Project Philip resources are gold. We are receiving so many good things from these booklets.”

Your gift today can help others like Dercio share God’s Word in Mozambique.

Pray for Dercio’s Father to come to know the source of hope found in Jesus.

Be a source of hope today in Africa