A Source of Hope

“I had lost hope,” says Martin, a young father in Zambia. Alcoholism had led him to the verge of death, then a friend invited him to a Project
Philip Bible study.

“The program helped me realise we can’t walk this life without Jesus,” Martin explains. “The more I attended the Bible study, the more I
hungered for God’s Word.”

Since then, Martin’s life has been transformed. “What you’re doing through Project Philip isn’t small – you’re doing something tremendous.
Please continue this program.”

A Source of Life

Through your monthly investment as a Source Partner, you can help provide the greatest resources that the under-resourced Church needs.
And that’s Bibles, biblical resources, language translations, and training.
Key programs that you’ll help to resource include:

Project Philip Bible Studies - planting God’s Word in people’s hearts
Church Planter Training - bringing the Gospel to unchurched areas
Bible-based Literacy - equipping people to grow spiritually through education
Local Ministries - Impacting youth, families and churches, in Australia and New Zealand
The Prison Bible - bringing hope to those behind bars

Jesus answered him, “The Scriptures say, ‘It is not just bread that keeps people alive. Their lives depend on what God says.” Matthew 4:4 ERV

Become a Source Partner today to help resource the under-resourced Church. You’ll help plant God’s Word in their hearts so that they come to know Jesus – and share Him with others!

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