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Bible-based Literacy Classes bring Hope to Nepal

Just off a dusty, unpaved road in Nepal’s lowland region, sounds of English words and letters fill the air. The cattle graze in the lush fields as a group of colourfully dressed women sit under a tree and study an English chart hanging on the tree trunk. The group of nearly 25 women of all ages—some mothers with their small children—sit in plastic chairs as they follow along with their teacher, Milan*, and their Bible-based Literacy workbooks.

Milan, 35, has been leading Bible-based Literacy classes for nearly a year now. He notes, “This one is a new class, just over three months.” In this area, it’s difficult to spread the Gospel, so when Milan heard about Bible-based Literacy classes he knew it could make a difference. He says, “We can present Bible stories using the Bible-based Literacy books. We also pray at the beginning of each class.”

Most of the women in this class are Hindu. Only two or three are believers. “They have never stepped inside a school. They migrated from the mountains,” explains Milan.

During the period of colonisation, land in Nepal was abundant and many people migrated from the hard life of the mountains to the low-lying plains. People preferred migrating to the plains as the mountains didn’t have schools or hospitals, and the climate was freezing. Life in the mountains was very tough. Most of the villagers migrated to these plains many years ago.

Today, through Bible-based Literacy classes the lives of these women are changing as they learn of the hope of Jesus Christ, while gaining the valuable skills of the English language. Milan says with a smile, “They want to study. Education in Nepal is very bad. Literacy is one of the best ways to reach others for Christ.” He hopes that his classes will continue to grow and that more people here will discover the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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*name changed for security purposes.


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