Since 2009, and with the support of thousands of students across Australia and New Zealand, we have seen more than 340,000 students in South African public schools receive the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Many of these students are individuals with their own history of pain, rejection and hurt. Nomblemu’s mother is a member of the occult. When she discovered a Bible in Nomblemu’s schoolbag she tore the Bible in pieces, burnt it, doused it in water and threw it in the trash. Nell was abandoned by her parents and only saved from an orphanage by being taken in by a lady in their small community. Though the lady acted in love, this lady’s son abused Nell and made her feel worthless. Irene felt so helpless and alone that she nearly took her own life. Steven was abandoned by his father at a young age and left alone with his mother, they felt like foreigners in their own village and were treated as outcasts.

Now let’s share the impact that Run4Bibles has had on public school communities in South Africa. As God’s Word is taken into these schools and students are taught of the God who created them, who loves them and has a plan and purpose for them, their lives are transformed. These students are inspired to be a positive influence in their schools, with their friends and in their families. Many of these students have brought other family members to faith and still others have used the resources they learned from to begin outreach in their wider communities. Students in South African public schools are so desperate to read the Bible that one of our Coordinators in the school told us a story of how a student had ‘stolen’ a Bible from her classroom! These students have heard and responded to the call and can say: “I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have served the Lord faithfully”. 2 Timothy 4:7 ERV

Run4Bibles is designed to easily attach to any event your school is already running. This could be your Cross Country, athletics or swimming carnival, read-a-thon or any other event you are engaged in. This initiative encourages students to respond to participate and “fight the good fight to finish the race”.

For more information or to get involved, register here or phone 1800 800 937.

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Your gift will provide South African students with Bibles and biblical resources to help transform their lives in Jesus.

Support your local Christian School to reach their Run4Bibles goal, please click on the SCHOOL LOGO BELOW to go to their specific donation page.


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Thank you for providing God's Word to those in South African schools.

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