When Richmond* joined a Bible study group in a Ghanaian prison, he discovered something that he had lacked for as long as he could remember – hope.

“God’s Word was the main reason I did not commit suicide, even though I was beaten and humiliated. The Word of God gave me a newly defined life in Christ Jesus.”

The hope he found in the Bible sustained him through the darkest times of his life. 

And it’s a hope that you can share today with thousands of prisoners like Richmond around the world.

Your gift to meet an urgent $319,500 goal will help provide 21,300 Prison Bibles for global Prison Ministry which will help resource the under-resourced Church and plant God’s Word in the hearts of inmates like Richmond, so that they come to know Jesus – and share Him with others!

Thank you for giving so generously to resource the under-resourced Church… and reach thousands of prisoners like Richmond with the hope of the Gospel!

*name changed for security reasons

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Thank you for giving so generously to bring the hope found in the Bible to thousands of prisoners like Richmond* in Ghana.