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A Passionate Church Planter

Rudolf has a deep desire to serve people but felt like he was a farmer cultivating fields with no tools. Then he heard about Church Planter Training.....

Zainab's second chance to learn

Zainab* and her family escaped the war in the Middle East, hoping for a better and safer life. Initially her and her husband didn’t have jobs and struggled to find their five children adequate schooling.

Finding Christ in Quarantine

Azat had grown up without having a true understanding of God’s Word. At 64 years old, and now a husband and father

Radical Muslim Finds Faith Despite Persecution

“I was a very radical Muslim,” Naim* admits. “I held a very strong stance against Christianity. It was against my religion back then to even share food and water with infidels.”

Drug Dealer finds Christ with your Help

Seb* is a 43‐year‐old man from the Middle East. God’s Word is transforming his life through the Bible‐based Literacy program you help make possible. Seb explains…

Churches growing in Kosovo; Bibles needed

Kosovo is home to 1.9 million people, of whom 96 percent are Muslim. There are only 500 evangelical Christians and 30 churches – who desperately need your support.

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