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God’s Word transforms Dercio’s heart and mind

Born into a Christian family in Mozambique didn't stop Dercio living his own lifestyle...

You’re a source of hope to people like Dercio as you plant God’s Word in their hearts

Even though Dercio didn’t attend church he believed his family church was the better than other churches…

Mother Finds New Family

Saugineta's parents died when she was very young. Through a local pastor's visit Saugineta experienced the Father's heart for her...

Gold Life Bible Studies changing lives

Kwame* is an 11-year old student in Ghana. Kwame admits that he has had difficulty controlling his bad behaviour and his laziness, failing to follow simple instructions. “I wanted to change my bad behaviour, but the more I tried on my own, the worse reports I got from my parents,” he sighs.

You’re sharing Jesus in this global crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted life as we know it. But thankfully, your efforts to place God’s Word in people’s hands has continued in exciting ways.

God's Word Brings Confidence

Clotilda’s life came crashing down when her husband was killed by a stray bullet while going about his day.

Pastor Hayford says, “You’re Changing many Lives”

Pastor Ernest Hayford leads a church that meets under a tree in Tamale, one of the poorest regions in Ghana – and people walk for miles to attend.

From a criminal to taxi driver evangelist

Even people from the most desperate backgrounds are coming to know God!

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