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From sinner to pastor

Pastor Anel is amazed that God took his miserable life and is using him to bring God’s Word to those longing for a source of hope…

Blind Alcoholic Comes to Jesus

At 46, Modise tragically lost his eyesight and his life was changed. His life was without hope and purpose…

God is Love

Keziah lost her natural father and her mother was aboard, there was an emptiness in her life…

The Bible Saved Emanuel’s Life

Even at a young age Emanuel felt lonely and didn’t know how to find peace…

Finding the Power to Forgive

Imagine your own baby’s father trying to kill your child. This experience was part of Leydi’s journey to freedom….

Standing Strong Amidst Opposition

Efrem’s family saw God move powerfully in their family. After accepting Jesus they then experienced opposition…

A Family Changed by Christ

Eloge’s family was very dysfunctional, with no end in sight. Yet a neighbour reached out to show refuge can be found…

As revival stirs …

Imagine how you can help people meet the Prince of Peace here in Australia…

You’re bringing hope to Australia’s Indigenous communities

Les’ story is just one of thousands – and you help make such transformation possible as you bring God’s Word to Indigenous communities.

Rhoda’s Marriage was Restored Through Project Philip, thanks to friends like you!

Through the Project Philip program, lives such as Rhoda’s are changing and bringing a move of God’s Spirit as He draws more people to Himself.

Mending a Broken Heart

Teenager Sara loves studying God’s Word. Due to harsh conditions her mother worked in another nation. “I felt orphaned. I lost my father’s love, and my mother…”

Former Atheist Accepts Christ

Across the globe, COVID-19 severely affected churches and ministries. Thankfully, God created opportunities through digital platforms…

Nadia Learns to Read

Having never been to school, Nadia*, a mother of 5 children, is learning to read and write….

Jesus is God of All

Kunal’s parents oppose his new faith even though they see changes…

God’s miracle for Fatma’s children

Like many people from Muslim countries, 35-year-old Fatma* was desperate for hope.

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