Nepal - Start a chain reaction

Jesus wants to change lives and build His Church and it starts with you…

Jesus changes people’s lives.  And it all starts when you plant God’s Word in someone’s heart.

I’m sure you’ve seen this chain-reaction happen in your own life.  Someone told you about Jesus, and you were transformed!  Then the Good News continued to spread through you as you began teaching God’s Word to the next generation!

A powerful, real-life example of this happening in Nepal…

Bishal’s* father was an alcoholic.  “He was so addicted that he was losing his mind,” recalls Bishal.

Then, when Bishal was 12 years old, someone told his father about Jesus.   Bishal shares:  “After receiving Christ, my father experienced a dramatic transformation,”

“God changed my father and it changed our entire family.  We were a scattered family and God restored us.  My father became a pastor and still teaches Bible-based Literacy today.”

Today, Bishal is a pastor, Church Planter, and Bible-based Literacy facilitator. And like you, he has a strong desire to see more lives transformed through God’s Word.

It’s not easy spreading the Gospel in Nepal where so few people can read God’s Word for themselves.  That’s why, Bishal explains, “We present Bible stories using the literacy books, and it’s received well.”

One of Bishal’s literacy students is Sneha*… and she’s the next link in this particular chain of transformed lives.

Sneha is a passionate follower of Jesus and wants to plant God’s Word in more people’s hearts.  She says: “I received peace and life through Jesus.  I want to lead this [Bible-based Literacy] group and bring others to Jesus.” 

 “One of the verses that encourages me is from Matthew 28:18-20, ‘Go and make followers of all people in the world… I will continue with you until the end of time.’  These verses comfort and encourage me in my walk with God.”

 Thanks to friends like you, Sneha has the tools and training to make disciples in her isolated village in Nepal – just like Bishal and his father have also done.

You see, this is what happens when you resource the under-resourced Church.  You help start a chain-reaction of lives transformed in Christ!

So, I’m asking for your gift today to help reach a $145,080 goal – so that together, we can plant 12,090 Bibles and biblical resources in under-resourced churches in Nepal.

By providing more Bibles, biblical resources, and language translations, you’ll help more people engage with God’s Word in ways they understand – so their lives can be transformed.

Then, those believers will be able to share Christ with others, just like you, Bishal and Sneha are doing right now.

Please give generously today to help plant the source of life, hope and transformation – the Word of God – in the hearts of spiritually hungry people in South-East Asia.

Imagine how many lives will be impacted as you help give them access to 12,090 more Bibles and biblical resources in local languages!

“Whoever hears these teachings of mine and obeys them is like a wise man who built his house on rock” Matthew 7:24 ERV


*names changed for security purposes

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Plant God’s Word in Nepal – and transform lives!

When you help people engage with God’s Word in ways they can understand, you help them come to know Jesus so their lives can be transformed!

That’s why your generous support today is so important to plant God’s Word in local languages in Nepal.

Thank you for responding today with your best gift to help reach a $145,080 goal and resource under-resourced churches in Nepal with 12,090 Bibles and biblical resources.

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We’re so grateful for your faithful partnership to help more people meet Jesus – and share Him with others!