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“I feel that the darkness that has always wrapped my life, is finally light!”

These words from 24-year-old Miriam* touched me deeply. And once you hear how and why her life changed, I think they’ll touch you too...

Miriam is a Christian who lives in a Muslim nation. There is a large population of Christians in her area,which puts her at risk for terrorist attacks. She is no stranger to pain, conflict, and uncertainty.

But the “darkness” that Miriam spoke of was not persecution or terrorism. It was illiteracy. She was desperate to read God’s Word... and to lead others to Jesus.

Miriam left school at age 6. She is now a wife and mother of two children—and the shame of not being able to read and write darkened every area of her life.

She explains…
“I used to go to church, but each time they asked me to read a Bible verse, I felt sorry for myself. My daughter asked me about what she learned at preschool, and I couldn’t answer her. When my husband and
children felt sick, I didn’t know what medicine to give them, because I couldn’t read the prescription labels.”

“My husband always said, ‘I am ashamed of you’.”

Miriam began praying for a chance to be educated. Her answer came when she heard about Bible League’s Bible-based Literacy class at church. She registered immediately, and her life began to transform.

Miriam shares, “I feel like my mind has been renewed. My husband noticed the difference in me and began to encourage me to continue my studies.”

In addition to teaching her how to read, the class also strengthened Miriam’s faith and gave her a Bible believing community of support – both of which she desperately needed when her husband had surgery for coronary heart disease.

Miriam says…
“When my husband was between life and death, I remembered Lazarus’ story from the Bible and prayed to God to resurrect him as He did to Lazarus He heard my prayers. The ladies in the literacy class also supported me with visits and prayers, which encouraged me a lot during that time.”

Miriam is so grateful for this Bible-based Literacy class, and she’s eager to help others read and understand God’s Word.

“I feel that I must help others get educated the same way I did,” she says.

Miriam is asking you to join her in helping others like her.

*Names changed for security reasons.

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