Jovy’s Life Changed Completely

How Jovy turned her life around

Jovy, a woman in the Philippines, describes herself as the “Prodigal Daughter”.

“I did many bad things,” she said. “I had many vices, including drinking. I became rebellious toward my parents. I wasn’t a good mother. I wasn’t taking care of my children.”

Looking back on this time of her life, causes tears to run down her face. Jovy’s life has changed dramatically because she found faith in Jesus.

With the help of a Bible League trained Church Planter, Jovy was able to learn from the Bible and surrender her life to the Lord.

“I found that all the questions I had about life are all answered in the Bible. All my negative attitudes and sins I confessed to the Lord and I have forsaken them all, I am living a new life,” she said.

Jovy has completely embraced her new faith, spending time in the Word and dedicating her life to spreading the Gospel. “After I was baptised, the Lord put a burden on my heart to share the Gospel with my relatives,” she said. “I testified to them how the Lord had really changed my life, and they have also surrendered their lives to Christ.”

Jovy completed a Project Philip Bible study and now wants to give her community the same opportunity which led her to offer her house to be used for church services. Now around 35 people meet in her home each week to hear the Word of God.

“I want my friends and family to come to be born again, so I decided to make this house a church so that all my neighbours and relatives can come here and come to know the Lord,” she said. “It really is an amazing thing that’s happening in this place.”

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Pray:  for the church group meeting in Jovy’s house, that they would continue to learn and grow in God’s Word and that Jovy’s neighbours and relatives would come to know the Lord.


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