Gold Life Bible Studies changing lives

Kwame* is an 11-year old student in Ghana. Kwame admits that he has had difficulty controlling his bad behaviour and his laziness, failing to follow simple instructions. “I wanted to change my bad behaviour, but the more I tried on my own, the worse reports I got from my parents,” he sighs. 

While at school, Kwame was introduced to the GOLD Life Bible studies (Project Philip) and his life began to change. He learned about discipleship from the GOLD Life portion in the book of Luke. “If you come to me but will not leave your family, you cannot be my follower. You must love me more than your father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters—even more than your own life! (Luke 14:26).

“This lesson taught me that, to be a follower of Jesus Christ, I must leave all my selfish desires and crooked paths. In other words, I need to stop my old life of disobedience to my parents.” Kwame said. Kwame’s parents are amazed by his conduct at home and how he is now able to do such things as chores that were difficult for him are a thing of the past. “I had to be requested to do chores, but now I do them willingly.”

Kwame shares that though he hasn’t faced any persecution as a Christian, he faces one challenge. “I sometimes feel embarrassed when my parents express intense surprise at my change in behaviour.” But despite that, he feels God has called him to help others. “Any time I see people in need, my heart yearns to extend a hand of help to them. My prayer is that God will equip me so that I can be of help to those in need.”

Kwame is so thankful to Bible League and its donors for the support that is provided. “I would like to thank Bible League for the GOLD Life portion and making these Bible studies possible. The simple English Bible they have given me is a precious gift that I love.” Kwame wants others to have the same opportunity read and understand the GOLD Life Bible studies, saying “It will ensure that all my peers will also learn some of the things I have learned. That they get transformed for Jesus to have a quality life!”

Your contribution to Bible League will ensure more kids like Kwame will have access to Bibles and biblical resources that will help them come to know Jesus.

Pray Thank God for Kwame and his faith in Jesus, pray that he can continue to shine God’s light into the lives of those around him.

*name changed for security purposes


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