God’s Word brings hope to teen trapped in poverty

“Life is tough here,” 16-year-old Shonchita begins. “We don’t have electricity and have to rely on kerosene lamps at night. The conditions of the roads are not good either. Many of us face a hard life walking long distances to get places.”

Shonchita lives with her parents and siblings near a tea plantation in a remote area of Bangladesh. Her mum and brother spend hours working long, hard days at the plantation under the scorching sun for very little money.

Like many tea plantation workers in the region, they are socially excluded, illiterate, deprived and disconnected from general society. Their wages are not enough to support the education of their children. Often children like Shonchita miss out on the opportunity to receive an education.

“We cannot always have what we want,” Shonchita shares openly. “Being an older sister means I have to make sacrifices, which isn’t easy.”

Before coming to know Jesus, Shonchita didn’t believe in any god. When she was invited to take part in Project Philip Bible studies, her world opened up and she started to feel hope for the first time.

“Ronil, the Project Philip Bible study leader, encouraged me to study well,” she says. “As I learnt to read, I had an increasing desire to read the Bible. When I first got the booklets, The Gospel of John and Reaching towards the Goal, I was very happy.

“I realised that if I had to achieve something great in my life, then I need to work hard. Jesus became the goal in my life. I love to read now.”

God’s Word is transforming Shonchita’s life every day. Now, she is helping others teen girls find hope by leading a Project Philip Bible study in her community.

“They love me and I love teaching the Bible,” she says beaming. “It helps me to study God’s Word more. My life has changed from the day I came to know Jesus and began to read the Bible.” 

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Prayer: Pray for Shonchita’s ministry as she continues to share the Good News with other teenagers.


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