God’s people are still hard at work

“God can bring beauty out of the ashes.” – Isaiah 61:3

For the under-resourced Churches across the world, the COVID-19 global pandemic has had a monumental impact on them and their ministries.

Pastor Mely, a Church Planter in the Philippines was confronted by this impact when the usual Saturday morning ministry came to a sudden halt when the government announced the prohibition of mass gatherings as a safety measure. Instead, all Pastor Mely could do, was stay home and pray.

When children found their way to Pastor Mely despite the restrictions, this was all the proof needed that these kids were hungry for God’s Word and that the ministry was having an impact.

After teaching them that day, Pastor Mely cooked meals for them and then, with a broken heart, told the young Christians that their regular ministry will have to halt for a while. After explaining the importance of following the government’s law, just as they wholeheartedly follow the law of God, they were sent home. But Pastor Mely made sure to comfort those who cried, saying that God would solve this problem, and that He will restore everything back to normal soon. In the meantime, they were encouraged to pray and to take care of their health.

Other churches in the region have also had to put a halt on their services and community gatherings.

In a historical event for the ministry, Christians all across the land utilised Facebook LIVE streaming to continue worship.

Some churches live-streamed their teachings and were pleasantly surprised that spreading the Word of God on a digital platform helped them tap into a broader audience. For the first time ever, the ministries’ Bible studies reached not only the entire nation, but the entire world. Despite the struggle COVID-19 many have risen to face the challenge and continued to share God’s Word.

However, not all churches have access to the internet and so in some cases, small family gatherings of people have replaced usual services. Pastor Lorijane is one of these people who has been able to find a way around the lack of technological resources during this time.

Pastor Lorijane began conducting house-to-house worship services in early March, spending 30 minutes of worship with each family. Pastor Lorijane has been able to reach more people now than ever before as several neighbours who would not normally attend church have been attending the small home gatherings.

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Please pray for Pastor Lorijane and Pastor Mely as they continue to minister and lead their congregations during these uncertain circumstances.


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