God is Love

Young woman leans on God

Keziah’s dad passed away a few years ago. Her mom now works abroad to support the family. COVID-19 continues to ravage the Philippines, including the large city outside of Manila where she and her brother live with their aunt and other relatives. 

Through it all, 21-year-old Keziah leans on God’s Word to find hope and joy in life.

Even though Keziah grew up in a Christian family, she admits that her life only truly felt complete when, at her aunt’s suggestion, she took part in a Bible League Project Philip Bible study for teens being held in their church.

“I enjoyed participating in the Bible study,” explains the recent college graduate who has been working as a barista in a café for about a year now. “I learned more about Jesus and could express my thoughts and experiences there. Jesus finally became the King of my heart! I depend on Him to guide me in my daily living.”

Keziah has learned a lot about how to deal with people and perform under pressure in her job. But God’s Word has also guided her as she works with the public.

“1 John 4:8 inspires me a lot,” she shares. “It says how God loves me because He is love. Because of His love, I have also learned to love others.”

God’s love shines through whenever she thinks about her dad. She adds, “Even though my father is gone, God fills the emptiness in my heart with His fatherly love towards me. I love Him so much for loving me.”

Today, she invites you to join her in asking God to protect everyone from sickness, especially from the coronavirus, and to heal her land. She is also praying that her boyfriend will also come to experience God’s love. “I want him to know Jesus as I do,” she says. “I also pray that God will continue to guide and guard me in my daily life.”

Holding the Bible she received after completing the Project Philip Bible study, a grateful Keziah continues, “This is such a precious gift, especially for when I need God’s love and comfort the most! Thank you! I hope that more young people will attend our youth Bible study and have the same experience as I did.”

Encourage those who have lost loved ones by giving today and help them come to know the love of the Father.

PRAY for children and young people whose parents are living away for them.  That they would come to know the peace of God that passes all understanding.


The ministry of Bible League Australia is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

Encourage those who have lost loved ones by giving today and help them come to know the love of the Father