From sinner to pastor

From sinner to pastor

“My name is Pastor Arnel Brito from Bicol Region, in the Philippines.  I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ when I was in after hearing the Good News from Pastor Noli.

“My life used to be so miserable, living a sinful life and falling into different vices. Praise God because I was invited to an evangelistic outreach where I met Pastor Noli. I’ve learned about salvation and God’s love for sinners like me. When I recognised the Lord and let Him become the King in the throne of my heart, my life has changed dramatically, and I became thirsty for the Word of God.

“I never knew that from being a sinner, God would use me as a pastor.

“One of the best things that happened to me was when I got involved in Bible League’s Church Planters Training. I was so thankful because the training and all the resources given to me helped me become more effective and more equipped in my ministry. That gave joy to us, who couldn’t afford such training. The Bibles and resources are so important in my ministry area, which is a remote place in Tabaco.

“When we did an outreach after the training, I’ve met an old man, who was already 76 years old, he burst into tears when I gave him a Bible. He said that it was his first time to hold a Bible in his hands. Moreover, during our Bible study session, he said that he was amazed to find all his questions being answered in the Bible.

“We are so thankful to Bible League for giving us the Bibles, among many other things.

“Praise God because our church keeps on growing. We now have two services – in the morning, with adults and children; then in the afternoon, with young people. The church started from only eight people and now it keeps on growing.

“Our vision in partnership with Bible League is to spread the Gospel here in the Bicol Region. We want to spread the Good News, especially to the next generation so that in the future, they will become Church Planters like us.

“Thank you very much, Bible League, for your relentless help to us pastors who are constantly in need of the Bibles for our fellow citizens who need to know more about our Lord”.

Church Planters in the Philippines work tirelessly to spread the Gospel.  Through your gift you can help resource Church Planters to fulfil the Great Commission.

PRAY for those longing to have a Bible of their own, will receive Words of life.


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