Fresh air to my soul

For Sreva*, going to church every Sunday was something that she did without question or excuse, but not something that she enjoyed or saw as valuable.

Sreva is the eldest among her siblings, and her family are dedicated and hard workers with big ambitions in central Nepal. While her family was poor, Sreva’s father was determined that his children would go to college and taught them that financial wealth alone did not represent one’s “true wealth”.

Despite going to church each week as a family, Sreva recalls that her parents were not spiritual but that it was the norm of the house for them all to attend without excuse.

“Since childhood, I was bombarded with spirituality and Jesus,” Sreva said. “There was not a week that I have not heard about Jesus.”

“I disdained going to church. I loathed the people who came. I had the notion that going to church meant I cannot enjoy life or do what I want to do. I felt being spiritual and ‘holy’ meant my dreams would not come to pass and I would remain unhappy for the rest of my life.”

No matter what Sreva really thought about faith and church, God was slowly working in her life to help her see the importance of Jesus.

“One day, my aunt and I visited a house. There was a gathering of about 20 people, studying the Bible. It was an interactive session something which was very novel to me. It was unlike the long and boring liturgy of our church that I was used to.”

“We had group discussions and the elder encouraged me to participate, which I happily did. The question and answer session were like a blow of fresh air to my soul. It helped me to find answers to questions that I grappled for long. What it means to be a friend of God, how can anyone have a personal relationship with God? People prayed for each other’s needs. I shared my needs without reluctance though I had never shared my problems with anyone. That day, prayer and intercession took on a different meaning. It played a significant role later in life.”

“The questions were very pertinent, and I opened my Bible to find answers to these questions based on the Bible references. It was crystal clear. Since then, I have attended Project Philip Bible Study fellowship every week. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was a good student in school, so I did not find it difficult to study these books. I knew that I had already given my life to Jesus. I have accepted Jesus to be my Lord, my guide and my everything. The Bible holds a special significance to me.

“I also teach the Bible to a group of people along with my studies and job. I enjoy teaching people the Word of God which alone can transform lives. I would like to thank Bible League Nepal for the wonderful ministry you’re doing in reaching out to people like me.”

Please pray for Sreva and her family. Pray that her family will also come to know Christ Jesus as she has.

Thank you for making it possible to share hope and lead people to Jesus during this challenging time in our world!

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*Name changed for security purposes

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