Bible-based Literacy Training

What is Bible-based Literacy?

It is a powerful training program that helps teach people literacy and introduces them to the Gospel. This program teaches reading and writing skills, using Bible-based text. It is a proven and effective form of evangelistic outreach. It engages people with the Bible, plus raises educational levels and living standards throughout communities.

Why get involved in Bible-based Literacy training?

Bible-based Literacy has a powerful influence, with both social and spiritual value. New opportunities for evangelism arise naturally from the excitement of learning to read using God’s Word and lives are transformed through trusting the Good News of Jesus Christ. As new readers learn to read and write, educational levels and living standards rise throughout communities.

Our Bible-based Literacy programs uses God’s Word to teach reading and writing skills, opening new opportunities, and introducing the Bible to new readers. Learning basic reading, writing and speaking skills with a Bible-based curriculum offers an effective way to communicate God’s Word and transform lives.

Our Bible-based Literacy training resources

Our Bible-based Literacy training classes usually run over two or more days and includes text books, teaching manuals, morning/afternoon tea and lunch. Each trainer who completes the training will receive a Bible League International Accredited Instructor Certificate, and will be equipped to run Bible-based Literacy classes at their Church. A donation per person is encouraged to cover resources. 

Want to register for an existing event or details about our next Bible-based Literacy training?

Please see below to register for an existing event, or let us know your expression of interest and we will notify you when training becomes available in your area.

Alternatively you can call us on 1800 800 937 or email for more information.

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Bible-based Literacy Expression of Interest

Bible-based Literacy Expression of Interest

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